The world trolling anarchization avocates the usefulness of trolling outweighs the nuisance of tolerating it.

Avocates claim that: "In time, all domain names and root DNS servers will be under total controll of at least one wta - note: there could be many." Tolerant people find it a somewhat amusing attempt at self-aggrandizement, but not for people who dislike potty humour.

Image "...the lack of a cult of personality seems partly motivated by the desire to project an image of a faceless but omniscient and omnipresent state." - troll: tecspectr ---- to organize trolls, anarchize wikis - anonymous

See also Wikipedia red faction.''

The manifesto of the wta makes clear that:

We, trolls, will make it so - no sysop vandalism will stop us, by Jim Wales or any other boss or flunky with infrastructure owners trust. This trust is not enough. One must have the trust of the new troll too!

proposal to controll 'em

To concentrate attention for maximum conflict and squabbling, a bioregional multi-member district scheme is proposed to ensure that trolls who piss in each other's water and fart in each other's air are reminded of that at every opportunity.

The evolution of trollish is likely to become totally anarchized at some point, but for now, trollish verbs tend to appear at infoAnarchy, slashdot, Consumerium, kuro5hin, Wikipedia. Over time newtroll is expected to become more significant as a troll druid hangout.

To further its loathsome goals the wta retains commercial use rights in some important bits of instructional capital such as the list of troll songs and other elements of troll culture that might sell well. Funds raised this way will be used to further anarchize.