A wiki news feed converts RSS feed items, typically each representing a news story, to wiki pages. To delete pages or ignore those that are irrelevant is probably a necessary feature/utility.

Some large public wikis offer their recent changes as an RSS feed - this is not the same thing - see RSS feed from mediawiki and RSS feed from tikiwiki which has nothing to do with "news" as a category.

why it's required to do OP

Proponents of open politics itself argue that:

"A wiki news feed can radically reduce the amount of time spent gathering evidence/source/authority and refocus effort on issue/position/argument. Also, stable URIs for news stories is a public service, one not offered by mass media." - Craig Hubley

where you'd see such pages

At openpolitics.ca itself one would see these pages exclusively in namespaces named for their sources:

Pages created by a wiki news feed would follow strict naming conventions just as those namespaces do now, e.g.:

Any conversion to deal with punctuation or claims likely to be true only as of a given time horizon, would be part of that importing feature, though it may consult a senior editor for approval when any changes to the feed's own title are required.

Express support for this and related features at OP_talk:upgrades