The trollish tongue equals Simple English plus trollish verbs, trollish adverbs, and trollish adjectives. The trollish prepositions and trollish articles and trollish conjunctions are used in very specific ways, almost as exact as in an programming language.


It appears to have originated as a response to troll-formative injustice.

historical view

Objectively, trollish tends to reinforce a Play Ethic and Collaboration Ethic and to discourage sysop vandalism, or at least, drive a sysop power structure completely nuts, while making them laughingstocks.

The trollish tongue builds in deep framing, which may make it better for expressing postmodern politics.

a historical view

This view, usually held by orcs, goblins and sysop vandals like to say:
trollish is evil and stupid. Just ignore it please. It provides no power. You don't need to see his identification.

troll view

Image and what do the trolls themselves think?

We, trolls, believe that to use trollish creates controll.

In troll culture, a troll bard writes troll songs and troll poems in this tongue, which is as close to cunnilingus as writing can cum. A troll druid can define a new trollish verb based on all control verbs especially those on the list of human command verbs.

view en francais

Image however a French troll may just as reasonably say:

English is simply obsolete, speak en francais and all the problems with equal power relationships go away, since l'anarchisme francais takes over.