There is at present no way to submit news for open peer review to itself, nor an automatic wiki news feed. This policy is a stopgap:

why we do it

A news story page in open politics itself exists to provide cite links that replace external links on other pages. This ensures that readers remain reading itself, not some other web service, and that the facts from the article germane to all issues are summarized.

Report news

submit a story

To report news refer to the news guidelines, use the news template, and it will be reviewed by a senior editor and posted when it has undergone sufficient fact check.

avoid reporting news others haven't reported

Because of the difficulty of editing original news, and because open politics itself relies more on arguments that have more evidence attached, it's preferable to cite standard sources: those that have already reported the news and performed normal functions as journalists, like fact-checking and contacting people profiled for their response.

If a source is considered credible by senior editors, it already has its own namespace for reporting exact headlines of already-pubished news stories. The news:namespace may permit other sources to be cited, at the chief editor's discretion:

Please note: wikinews is subject to the same review as any other nonstandard source. Wikipedia:cited as a source is not a journalist best practice.

Archive mainstream news

Since many news organizations do not keep stories online for long, ( or restrict access to paid users) itself provides namepace for news stories from trusted sources to be cited. Articles quoted verbatim should be handled as follows:

The source is the namespace

This will eventually be handled automatically by a wiki news feed. itself encourages people to use the abbreviated name of the source as a prefix to the the title as a means of organizing the content. There are several such namespaces already:

Using such a namespace is restricted to items actually titled with the headline used by the source and which add no editorial content whatsoever to the story. It is acceptable to selectively quote if only part of a story is applicable to any current issue, and also because fair dealing and fair use law restricts complete quoting:

Simply place a page in those namespaces with exactly the same name as the official headline, correcting any bad capitalization (as CTV does to AP stories). Summarize it without any editorial flourishes, and, be sure to link the story at a stable URI that will not disappear quickly.