The open politics search engine is the proposed software technology behind the open politics toolbar.


It must be well integrated with the satellite wikis relying on the living ontology (notably LivingPlatform.CA itself, and Green Party of Canada Living Platform), GFDL corpus and Common Content and other open content - the open politics web.

It should also be capable of very targetted searches of the entire WWW similar to the Engineering Toolbar, having at least parallel capabilities:
  • Positions: search by detailed specification of policies or proposals, a database of political participants
  • Advocates: search by detailed specification an advocate of a policy on any issue
  • Groups and candidates by Name: reliable search for groups by name even if they have no or limited web presence
  • General political search: searches a slice of the World Wide Web focusing solely on political, economic and social issues; only relevant results are presented
  • Implementation notes: find implementation notes related to your keyword or proposal or practice
  • Skills and facilities: tasks and jobs and skillsets and sustainable trades related to your keyword
    • profession or education or credential
    • best practices - searching only best practice databases
    • parties and agencies - searches only parties and agencies for results related to your keyword
    • ISO standards and other standards related to your keyword
  • Policy Announcements: search all policy announcements and press releases related to your keyword
  • Tools and links: find reference tools such as tutorials, cost calculators, maps and other solution-related information
  • Related issues: additional issues or terms that are common to your keyword to allow alternative paths of research
  • Site search: restricts search to current web service only
  • Highlight: every occurrence of your keyword or related issues to it is highlighted in your search results
  • Block popups - instead of web browser feature, block popups in the results
  • Identity: Changes your contact information, search history, and decide to whom (if anyone) you wish to release this to