An issue debate page documents an issue debate. ''This is not the same as an issue challenge though its structure is similar.

To issue debate notices, create pages with titles as follows:

:"username debates username on date"

The challenged (not the challenger, but the one named second) must edit into that page one or more issue statements, with one or more positions that they choose to defend. This is like the traditional duel where the challenged chooses weapons. If the challenged will debate some issue but not on that debate, they may make another page named:

:"username debates username on issue date"

or just

:"username debates username on date"

This continues until both users accept the date and scope. Once the debate is accepted, the more ordinary conventions of a wiki meeting apply, except that of course the minutes will be exceptionally well documented

noted on user pages

Ideally, a notice of, and link to, this, is on the user pages of all concerned.

rules similar to public TV debates

short timeline

public forum