Thegreen versus grey distinction is the new political reality.

According to Thomas Berry: "Tensions between capitalism and socialism, between liberalism and conservatism, are disputes over minor differences in comparison with the issues now before us. Both capitalist and socialist regimes are committed to ever-increasing commercial-industrial exploitation of the resources of the planet. Neither is acceptable to the ecologist."

The spectrum competes with the authority versus liberty and left versus right distinctions to form a political spectrum. See grey governance and Green politics for more on the detailed distinctions that go into green management and green design thinking.

Your political personality is at least in part set by your attitude to your natural environment, and how critical it is to you to minimize your ecological footprint and limit rivalry over natural capital.

as part of color spectrum

If one interprets "green versus grey" as simple "green-ness", then, one might also interpret "left" as "more red" and "right" as "more blue", as is traditional in politics, leaving one with an RGB scale easy to map as spectrum.

Alternatively, one might interpret green versus grey as color saturation, authority versus liberty being favoured in different policy domains as color hue, and an overall degree of centralization in economics or control over market forces as the color lightness - for "lightness of regulation" - making the HLS scale.