An encyclopedia is a very large compendium of articles and references on a very wide variety of topics. The largest encyclopedias run to hundreds of thousands of articles. The most popular in English are:

this isn't one

While is not an encyclopedia, it does extend and refine encyclopedia articles relevant to the issues and persons of Canadian politics as usual. In general if it is uniquely mentioned in Canadian mass media, or as a recurring local issue, it will be included. See especially the provincial and municipal issue list.

It also contains source material on politics itself and open politics itself, e.g. a list of influential political philosophers.

Material out of scope should in general be covered only by refer links to sources, with Wikipedia:cited only as a last resort.


Some large public wikis claim to be encyclopedias, especially Wikipedia, but this is openly disputed and refuted. Among other problems its science articles are typically 30% less accurate than those of Britannica. Some consider it a lower quality free substitute for an encyclopedia.

The Digital Universe and Wikinfo are attempts to improve on its basic model with more sophisticated notions of senior editors and point of view respectively. It remains to be seen if these minor improvements will make the difference and improve the quality.

The French Wikipedia and Simple English Wikipedia are also offshoots of some interest which have innovated in important ways.