List all LP worst cases here. Explain the most serious constraints. A worst case is a set of very bad things that happen when that constraint is violated rather badly.

If you think the case is credible, but that a lesser degree of the same problem could cause the saem to collapse, then, either add mild minor qualifiers and "perhaps" type explorations to make it more obvious that the case is quite likely to really happen, or add a subcase with alternative ways to view "the same situation".

If you think the case is ridiculous move it to all LP threats and leave a milder credible worst case here. Be careful not to remove ANYTHING that you think COULD happen.

Make mention of all LP best cases that cannot occur if this worst case occurs.


    • a milder attempt to impose a living ontology fit for the open politics web is mistaken for perfectionism perhaps simply due to a lack of patience, a desire to move on to find competent collaborators for other projects, a repeated lack of discipline by "managers" and collaborators

    • stupid people who perceive sanity itself as eccentric and prefer to believe what they see on TV, are permitted to have major influence on design unwisely; their simple, uncomplicated "common sense" approach fails to meet the constraints or solve the problems and fails "inexplicably" - see Green Party of Canada Living Platform on this.

  • looking for rulesets instead of changing mindsets: early attempts by LP:insiders to require stable rulesets to reassure panicky inexperienced early clients and supporters result only in inconsistent and unstable snapshots that change too fast to be useful; by resisting mindset change and refusing to transform the thinking of these supporters, but instead attempting to pander to them, or make unwise assurances about project usability or scope, they alienate these early supporters simply by attempting to please them too early. By claiming that this is "the fault of" those who actually understand the project's actual constraints and conditions of success, they raise panic as a virtue and drive every person capable of understanding the constraints away. Specifically: