This is the plan for current upgrades to


The priorities listed here are overal trajectories, not all can be accomplished at this time.

Make it easy for non-technical users

end user interface should be as friendly, consistent, and easy to use as possible to:
  • inform
  • deliberate
  • comment/discuss
  • decide
  • improve visual look and feel (themes)
  • print this page / email this page
  • increase text size option

Make it attractive for community groups

Encourage other communities to exercise substantial control over “zones” in the website or operate their own independent portals.
  • secure areas
  • private portals
  • customizeds themes
  • sync content
  • hosted wiki meetings
  • free conference calls

Make it reliable and easy to administer.

  • improve login process
  • security audit
  • hotwords
  • email communications
  • anti-bot anti-vandal
  • donate mechanism

Step by Step Plans:

[+] Overall

[+] Programming/Upgrade Sequence

[+] These upgrades can be done in a separate sequence

[+] These upgrades can be done in a separate sequence

Project Specs

see also: ultimate wiki cms

[+] next wiki hosting

[+] 101 tiki questions

[+] working tiki syntax editor

[+] design next theme

[+] commission voting module

[+] improve my tiki interface

[+] theme tweaks

[+] karma and mojo system

[+] permissions and categories admin

[+] Category Permission Structure.

[+] edit by section

[+] general bugfixing