Tom Atlee authored The Tao of Democracy and many related articles and founded

Key concepts Atlee favours: core commons, deep democracy, consensus decision-making, empowered dialogue, citizen deliberative councils, deliberative democracy, crisis fatigue, empowering regions especially bioregions which foster what he calls "resonant intelligence" - a very specific model of ecological wisdom. The word wisdom appears often in his work:

"Together we can be wiser than any of us can be alone.

We need to know how to tap that wisdom."

He says:

"Healthy communities, institutions and societies — perhaps even our collective survival — depend on our ability to organize our collective affairs more wisely, in tune with each other and nature."

"This ability to wisely organize our lives together — all of us being wiser together than any of us could be alone — we call co-intelligence" which he claims "is emerging through new developments in democracy, organizational development, collaborative processes, the Internet and systems sciences like ecology and complexity."

His optimistic view is that "millions of people are involved in co-creating co-intelligence. Our diverse efforts grow more effective as we discover we are part of a larger transformational enterprise, and as we learn together and from each other."

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