In a page name, capitalizing any noun phrase that is not a widely-recognized Proper Noun is Unnecessary Capitalization and confusing. It limits the use of the name in other contexts and makes it hard to avoid anchor text - which in turn makes it hard to spread the use of more strategic key phrases.

Assume something is not a Proper Noun unless Wikipedia or Wikinfo says it is. It is a lot of work to establish a new widely recognized signal noun phrase in the language, and it diffuses effort to give everything this status. Platform 2005 is a proper noun, people's names are proper nouns, Canadian federal political parties have proper nouns for names, so do government institutions and agencies like Environment Canada. So do specific Acts of partliament, e.g. the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act. Isn't that enough caps to deal with?

When the page is clearly not describing something with a proper legal name, use lowercase verb phrases wherever you can, e.g. err in favour of verb forms as they are usually shorter, always more active, and force your sentences into present tense. Where you can't nail the verb use lowercase noun phrases. NEVER Capitalize Things Just Because YOU Think They Are Important. <-- i.e. Don'T Do This, See How Annoying It Is?