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Michael Ignatieff, PhD, was elected as the Liberal MP for Etobicoke in the Canadian federal election, 2006.

He has been very widely reported as being a leadership candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in the Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 2006.

views of peace issues


Ignatieff favoured Canada entering the Iraq war in 2003, on human rights grounds. He was not active in politics at the time and was a professor at Harvard University.


Ignatieff is possibly most famous for his Massey Lecture series on terrorism, broadcast on CBC Ideas several times in 2003-5. A sample of one lecture:

"Active terrorists may be in love with violence, and with them, military violence may be the only response... Not all supporters of such acts are necessarily in love with violence... such persons able to justify violence as a 'lesser evil'...can be persuaded... Liberal democracies face dilemmas of moral consistency that do not arise in despotic regimes... a liberal democracy cannot be protected by herbivores - it must be protected by carnivores." - Michael Ignatieff, On the Temptations of Nihilism