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Living Platform is an online project to facilitate grassroots democracy.

shares information

helps activists

It supports all citizen initiatives under-supported by political parties in Canada, including global issues such as, simultaneous policy and major global concerns such as HIV/AIDS, deforestation, monetary reform and technological escalation. See list of policy terms, Copenhagen Consensus, and simpol for more.

needs technical help

If you are technically inclined consider helping us to extend this free software - tikiwiki - to make a more reflexive intranet.

Among other goals, a more reflexive service can better coordinate all our activities during an actual Canadian federal election: mobile work and online work by those who volunteer in a Canadian federal election. If this works in Canada, it can be made to work in much less developed nations and even in an emergent democracy.


Our Living Platform goal is to perfect the Living Fund, Living Agenda and Living Platform model so that a self-funding means to self-organize a real bioregional democracy will exist at least here in North America. We hope to spread the model en espanol also to South America via the FPVA, and elsewhere via the Global Greens.


The LivingPlatform.CA terms of use and the next terms of use that arise from early experience will be finalized some time prior to any GPC AGM, 2005. In the meantime all contributed content should be considered CC-by - for original works - or CC-by-nc-sa for joint works.

All control verbs are compatible with ImagineHalifax terms, to better support lobby and campaign efforts for all citizen initiatives.

THE LIST OF all citizen initiatives IS MOST IMPORTANT

See also LivingPlatform.CA about the web project, and Living Agenda itself.

not an experiment

The Living Platform applies participatory democracy via wikis and wiki-based outreach. Participants have free access to activist platform and content development processes, and may create their own citizen initiatives.

details (some historical)

Platform 2005 about the living platform
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