ImagineHalifax .ca is a set of citizen initiatives that, each municipal election cycle in Halifax NS CA, become a candidate survey to both rank candidates and incorporate their best ideas into all citizen initiatives the group supports - often prompting new ones.

Analytic policy comparison essays were added after the election to clarify the differences between the candidates' positions and those taken by the citizen initiative.

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expanded due to 2004 activity

For instance, in October 2004, the HRM green platform, 2004 of over 40 planks/initiatives, became the Imagine Halifax survey, 2004. The responses of candidates prompted the addition of several new initiatives, bringing its total list to over 50.


Several candidates committed to work closely with an Outreach Team to bring initiatives' issue/position/arguments to the public in a live meeting similar to the Rank a Plank Live idea. A mark up and mail back exercise has also been considered, similar to the HRM 25-year plan which was one of the main policy questions that prompted IH to begin.


The Imagine Halifax terms were intended to help to standardize control verbs used in both public policy and citizen movement governance - and are also applicable to political party governance.