Political Personality Quiz

Welcome to the Political Personality Quiz



  • takes your measure in six dimensions
  • gets beyond the hot button issues
  • uses wiki technology, so the web pages can "learn" from you.
  • explore 32 political distinct personality types you can edit.
  • helps you understand political philosophies and the ideas of others.

The political personality quiz consists of six sets of questions, about 60 questions in all.

Most people complete the test in about five minutes.


How to interpret your results

1. See your results on each of the six dimensions.

The Quiz will explain the significance of the two dimensions in which you feel most strongly. Make note if you are "on the borderline" in a certain dimension, because you can explore other different personality types later to see what fits you best.

2. Review your suggested political personality type.

Depending on the results from each dimension, you are shown a type which your answers indicate is the closest. If you think it is a match, you can edit the page, adding issues you are interested in, or political figures you fell aligned with.

Otherwise try the next closest five other types, any you will probably find your match.


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