worst editor

The worst editor is whoever racks up the most documented examples of worst editing practices in a single week. Eventually the open politics prediction market will take bets on who that will be to reward those who take the time to identify and correct these folks.

The worst editor will be offered substantial help and support, amounting to a high fixed tolerable amount of the senior editor and ECG Master time they are wasting. This help will involve drills and exercises. Until this help has been offered and refused or accepted and then ignored, the editor cannot become the stupidest editor.

The stupidest editor is whoever, in the open politics time market, can waste senior editor time and waste ECG Master time to the maximum price at full retail fees, in a single week. As noted this person must already have refused the worst editor help.

A threepeat performance as the stupidest editor, is to be driven off by trolls. A genuinely open politics cannot tolerate people wasting the time of those who are work hardest to make open politics itself work. This may seem cruel but it is fairer than reality game show-like exclusion votes or the "troll polls" that often occur in Wikipedia.