workplace democracy

workplace democracy concepts:

worker co-operative
worker control
worker-owned factory

In Brazil a limited form of workplace democracy was instituted by Ricardo Semler at his firm Semco - as documented in his book "Maverick". It was widely praised by Nigel Nicholson of the London School of Business in a Harvard Business Review article "How Hardwired is Human Behavior".

In Quebec...

In Argentina the National Movement for Recovered Factories has also performed worker expropration: to seize abandoned or closed factories whose owners received public subsidies or loans.

They have succeeded.

"What we've learned is, that in a business,
participatory democracy is more efficient.
Because if you vote often, you get used to
winning, but you also get used to losing.
You learn to accept the decision of the majority."
- Zanon Ceramics factory worker

"For us, the workers, accounting is easy. We don't
know why it's so hard for the bosses: to pay bills,
to pay salaries. For us it's simple: we add, we
subtract....maybe we can run the country this way."
- Brukman factory worker