wiki meeting

Wiki Meetings are Part of the GROOP governance system. CC-BY-NC-SA the Efficient Civics Guild

The most important feature of a wiki meeting is that, as a wiki best practice there is no separate page called agenda and another page called minutes. In a wiki meeting, the agenda becomes the minutes after the meeting is concluded. Thus:
  • the number of pages needed to run a meeting is one.
  • avoids all effort in moving things from one location/document to another.
  • meetings are treated as objects that always have the same URI through time.

How to format a wiki meeting agenda

The best way to format a wiki meeting agenda is to copy the text and markup from the previous meeting's agenda. Business unresolved at the last meeting can continue to evolve (or not). Maintaining a wiki meeting template can assist committees or groups new to wiki meetings. The best templates will have ready links to contacts, rules, committees, project management hubs within the organization, already in place. These should be specialized to create the first meeting agenda.

[+] managing a meeting using the IPA system

[+] in-camera items

[+] recording minutes

[+] naming the meeting

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