wiki feed

A wiki feed is the wiki equivalent of an RSS feed, and may actually be using RSS technology as if the feeding and the receiving wikis were blogs. Pages from the sender appear as if they were native wiki pages on the receiver.

There is some custom non-RSS technology in getwiki to import XML versions of pages exported by mediawiki. There is a plan to support a more general wiki feed capability in tikiwiki but this has not been specified fully yet.

The receiving entity that displays the wiki pages may not permit them to be edited, and may add annotations, as nationmaster.com and wordiq.com do. If edited, the existence of a new page with the same name will probably cease the importation of new versions of the old page.

A wiki which receives such a feed as its main source of data is sometimes called a satellite wiki. This usually edits or displays only a wiki subspace to the user: usually one or more complete namespaces.