wiki decision making

Examples of wiki decision making, that is, decision making that relies only on a wiki to commit to some outcome, are rare.

first attempts

This works on a small scale, e.g. Wikipedia ArbCom, OP steering committee, but has never been applied to any significant real public decision.

framing problems

It has however has been attempted in the mass peer review of minor political party platforms and developing answers to questionnaires and even the citizen questionnaires themselves. While none of these involved a decision actually made using only a wiki -based web service and carried out with no more communication and authority than that, some participants did believe that it was possible to agree and proceed towards a list of what we/will/must do using only these tools. This remains controversial.

What seems to have been proven is that the framing problems can be reduced by the appropriate use of a wiki with serious attention to naming conventions and at least a weak ontology of the problem that matches the domain language used by the participants. See Living Platform in Practice.

Attempts however to actually model the organization protocols of the group entity making the decision, are typically shut down by single command hierarchy or other power structures that see the use of wikis to make decisions as dangerous to their own power. See also all GPC-LP pages deleted, fire the spin doctor, spin doctor and Pointy Haired Boss.

practice and potential

A default dividing line between use of wikis and other media is the Living Agenda protocol, of which the agenda protocol is the best extant exmaple.

Further research into the deep framing of issues in ways that are acceptable to a very large number of participants so that they accept the outcome of the decisions made on the basis of that framing, is now being carried out under a variety of names:

Probably it is best to abandon the idea of any single wiki decision making model to the trolls, who seem best suited for it.
Politics itself will no doubt have its own constraints, quite separate from those of wiki as a technology - each ideology has its own assumptions about what constitutes situated effective action and this will no doubt chaotically affect what is considered a wise decision, or a wise medium in which to make that decision final.

Some critics of Internet voting, e.g. Jason Kitcat, Craig Hubley, have been adamant that the very idea of making any decision binding on living bodies through an inherently disembodied medium is bad. See The Embodiment and living ontology for more on this theory, and open politics in force and bioregional democracy for rulesets that are compatible with embodiment views.