what openpolitics.ca is not

what openpolitics.ca is not

an encyclopedia

See: Wikipedia. The unique role of open politics is to present diverse views on a briefly defined topic. Why waste time encouraging multiple point of view when readers will rarely make an effort to read past 250 words. Senior editors should make a point of pruning overlong articles and hiding extra content.

a spam fair

See spam and talk:spam. Spam must be removed so effectively as to be undone is that the use of delete version and rollback are permitted for this use and this use only.

a libel pit

The prerequisite for evidenceis such that that even trolls show willingness to let what they consider provably true statements, e.g. GFC list of liars, sit only in page history of blank pages, until some cite links can be provided.

a partisan forum for any one party or movement

A nonpartisan commitment to genuinely open politics is proclaimed by the terms of use and administrator guidelines, but more likely secured by trolls who aren't friendly to anyone.

a wiki farm

Services exist to provide free wiki space for any conceivable purpose. Open politics does not need to offer free hosting to pages that are out of scope.

suggestions for defining what OP is not

The description of what openpolitics.ca is not is derived as mechanically as possible from three sources:

The problem is no simpler than factions debating to define the direction of a jurisdiction, and should be treated with methods just as robust and resilient.