Welfare, also known as social assistance, is a component of the social safety net, providing income support for those who have exhausted or do not qualify for employment insurance and may face barriers to employment but do not qualify for disability payments. Welfare programs are designed to prevent the worst aspects of poverty, while not undermining productivity, or creating social exclusion. In addition to direct payments to families, some welfare programs supplement work income, some provide in-kind assistance (like food stamps) some provide tax breaks for low income working families. Many programs arrange for education or skills training for recipients. In some cases recipients are forced to do work, and this is often known as workfare.

[+] Welfare in Canada

[+] Welfare in the US.

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[+] Welfare as we know it is a poverty trap.

[+] Impliment US style welfare reform.

[+] Replace welfare with a Guaranteed Annual Income.

[+] Many on welfare cannot afford to eat, benefits must increase.

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