we, the Living Platform users

When making any shared/joint statements intended to be "from all users" of the Living Platform itself, link to this page. Such statements will normally take the form "we, the Living Platform users ... " and so the linking is quite simple.

While it is possible to simply link this page to the word we, that should generally be avoided: the more formal tone of the longer pronoun phrase helps signal that a perhaps-pompous pronouncement is being made, and will help keep track of all statements where the Living Platform users are being asked or coerced to make shared or common statements to others who might read such page.

This in turn makes it easier to review links to this page and find all statements that are reputed to be from all the Living Platform users, and thus should be widely debated with all users having a chance to debate by editing such weighty statements.

This helps towards the goal of a more reflexive intranet - one where the participants define their joint statements outwards to others and debate by editing such statements directly within the medium being debated.