waste time

To waste time is inevitable. Fun is wasting one's own time. However, when one wastes the time of others against their will, it is called no fun.

in economics

Economist Amartya Sen argues that free time is the only universal commodity and thus the only valid global standard of value. Accordingly its waste must be seen as regret of the highest order, and a very great cost. In her analyses of women's free time, Marilyn Waring concluded that generating more of it was the most important goal of monetary reform.

Some people feel that to study economics itself is to waste time, however. This view is common.

in open politics

In politics as usual, politics itself is often defined as a waste of time, and accordingly something to be left to well-qualified experts.

In open politics itself, the guidelines and a habit to debate by edit are highly reccomended so that people can waste time in the fun sense rather than in the no-fun sense. The use of talk pages and user pages for instance is minimized - although still respected - because ad hominem arguments and hearsay tend to dominate them which may require response to hearsay and other such things that are no fun.

The senior editor guidelines of openpolitics.ca itself try to help you waste time in a fun way yourself, rather than waste the time of others in a less fun way, such as providing incorrect or lazy assertions others must research or correct.

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