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War is what politics itself, starting with diplomacy, was invented to avoid. The threat or potential of political violence on a large scale has always prompted at least some people to seek another solution. However, the belief that "without hawks, the doves are pigeons" persists: pacifism has never been a very popular position. A notion of "just war" has been defined by Christian least since Aquinas.

War is also pervasive in language. When the ontological metaphor of attack and defense is invoked, to compare to crime or poverty or even love, a situation is being analogized to war. This tends to have predictable consequences, such as "choosing up sides", or engaging in adversarial process.

Terms such as proxy war, pre-emptive war, guerilla warfare, asymmetric warfare and terrorism all imply specific military doctrines. As China and Iran have risen to become at least regional powers, the information warfare and aided insurgent doctrines seem likely also to rise, as they do not so directly expose the main funder or motivator of combat to response.


[+] Position: All war is wrong.

[+] Position: The US should call off the war on terror and change US foreign policy.

[+] Position: The measures the US and Canada have taken are working to protect our citizens.

[+] Position: Terrorism is crime and therefore a police matter.

[+] Position: Without the term:war on terror, Bush is nothing.

[+] Position: A referendum should be held in the occupied nations on how long foreign troops should remain

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The Glittering Eye Towards a taxonomy of positions on the War on Terror in the blogosphere