To vote is to approve one of a limited number of options, candidates, motions or positions. Such a choice is exclusive and precludes following any of the other options at the same time or in the same order.

A ballot is an instrument by which one votes - typically secretly to preserve political privacy. A voting system is a method of organizing many people to vote at once using a common ballot on important matters. An election is any vote where persons, i.e. representatives of a region or officers of an organization, are selected. A referendum is any vote where a position rather than a person is rejected or approved by the public, e.g. on Quebec sovereignty.


An electoral system builds on a voting system with other traditions and practices, e.g. a candidate protocol, political party governance, referendum and representative recall/impeachement rules, separation of executive/legislative/judiciary power structures and so on. In any representative democracy, "to run" is to stand as a candidate in an electoral system.

In a Canadian federal election, Elections Canada sets the standards such candidates meet, the definitions of a federal electoral district, and who is an eligible candidate and eligible voter, typically a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant over 18.

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