value of life

"...estimates of the value of life (or of a 'disability-adjusted life year', the standard yardstick)...tend to vary from study to study.. even if...basic parameters such as the value of life and the discount rate were clear-cut, the cost-benefit approach... requires forecasts...often far into the future...always prone to error... condom distribution combined with treatment for sex workers... would entail a cost of just $4/year for each disability-adjusted life year saved, the implied ratio of benefits to costs is nearly 500 - and this is assuming a value of life based on GDP per head, that is significantly lower than the figure of $100,000 US which the Copenhagen Consensus panel said it preferred to apply." - The Economist special report, Copenhagen Consensus, June 5th 2004, page 64-65

Note that the price of life is equated with its "value", as is usual in neoclassical economics but not green economics. Note that the GFDL corpus also equates this value to a neoclassically-definedprice of life. Or at least, in the GFDL corpus namespace these are presently equivalent. See also the price of Earth debate.

This is a cite link establishing evidence/source/authority to back up claims in the list of platform proposals or implied by use of one or more of the list of policy terms.

See also en: hubley.org: green value of life for an extended analysis that integrates this issue with value of Earth analysis.