user page

A user page is a personal statement, biography, usually listing one's position papers and political or other interests. It is exempt from some of the terms of use and its status will be more specific under next terms of use. It is solely under the control of the user named who may permit edits, or revert them, at his/her leisure, with no recourse, save only as outlined here:

If they are found to violate the law or to be actively driving off other users, then, anyone may blank page as a protest. It should normally be edited to respond to the concerns, by the user, though in some way that they find to be acceptable.

A user page is published by its author, solely, under the CC-by license. It may thus be incorporated into any CC-by, CC-by-sa or CC-by-nc-sa license. It may also be declared to be under CC-by-nd and may then not be redistributed under CC-by or under CC-by-nc-sa - unlike other content.

The naming conventions for user pages are exactly as per the GFDL corpus, notably Wikipedia which has extensive rules for user pages. If in doubt, follow those. This includes the name of such pages which should include "User:" followed without spaces by the name in which spaces are underscores, e.g. User:Craig_Hubley - the page UserPageCraig_Hubley should redirect there.