A user of openpolitics.ca itself may be involved in a variety of activities. Eventually open politics search engine will be configured based on commitments the user has made:

by role

Your user role determines what openpolitics.ca menus appear (visible to the right).

by cause or project

Your user cause or project interest will usually determine whether you watch pages closely or not.

by locality

Your user locality will usually determine what news is of interest to you, e.g. Nova Scotia news, and whether you watch pages specific to a place.

by affiliation

Your user affiliation determines your watchlist. If OP-recognized credentials are defined and supported then, like any tikiwiki-based service, permissions can be applied specific to these affiliations and the role a user takes within them.

Users verified to be for leadership candidate, for instance, can access information specific to their candidacy and visible only to their supporters.

by terminal

Your terminal type determines the brevity and exact MIME type that is presented to you, e.g. 50 words via BlackBerry is all that will fit on a PDA phone.