types of pages

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Types of pages are recognized by some organization protocols in a wiki.

This recognition is central: as protocols change, the types change, but it is EXTREMELY expensive to change the list of page types. The hardest definitions of types are set by the upper ontology and are extraordinarily hard to change. Very often a failed organization can trace its failure to its inability to process a certain type of information in a new way. Accordingly this requires great foresight and the types must be anticipated without error for a very long period in the future. The dialectics between different types of pages is very important to explore.

Different types of pages must be able to:

vary in tone

Wiki best practices detail how types of pages are differentiated in different circumstances/needs.

have a point of view

A point of view is assumed any time you report any event. Always ask "where are your feet?" as in relativity

be able to control OP - for reflexivity

Some types of pages are required to keep Open Politics itself reflexive: