For a list of trolls, see list of trolls.

In internet slang, trolls are people who by their manner or actions tend to upset people, or otherwise display trollish behavior. Openpolitics.ca itself is troll-friendly, which means that administrators try to avoid wading in unless there are clear violations of the terms of use. Trolling is very common in politics of all forms and wise people avoid getting worked up about it. Stupid people have been known to destroy their entire political and business careers by reacting to it, or restricting their career options by merely tolerating rather than welcoming trolls. See list of known trolls and be warned.

Troll behaviours include any of the following:

  • rude: being rude, terse, blunt or unsympathetic while staying within the terms of use.
  • contrary: objecting vigorously to all proposals as a means of quality testing
  • funny: injecting humor in a way that disrupts the tone or organization of a page.
  • petty: showing disproportionate concern over (what are thought to be) minor details. a.k.a. gnawing.
  • aggressive: intensively re-editing the work of others without their approval, starting wikifights, renaming or reformatting pages without consulting with the plank leaders etc.
  • controversial: making statements that are unpopular or likely to be challenged.

If you need help with trolls, contact a senior editor for advice, or perhaps appeal to the lowest troll.

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Trolls are not vandals, and some have described a troll culture, but generally the difference is that vandals are just stupid or ignorant, whereas trolls often have agendas or reasons for what they do.

It is not polite to label anyone a "troll" but particpants sometimes do this anyways by editing the accused troll's user page. Most trolls have a code of honor, which they self enforce regarding who can claim to be trolls or adopt this label. What it means essentially is that they aren't just vandals, have adopted Crockers Rules - in other words, honorable trolls take criticism just as well as they give it.

known trolls

The Lowest Troll

One person voluntarily decides to be Lowest Troll to take on the meanest and most difficult to understand trolls and distract them away from bugging legislators or researchers trying to get on with their jobs.