A trollfest is a major media event where many known trolls and new trolls sharpen their teeth on a public figure, gnawing on their reputation and (if they are a political leader) capacity to govern.

The three most recent major events in Canada that could be called trollfests with no fear of contradiction whatsoever:

  • BC Premier Gordon Campbell's DWI conviction and subsequent exploitation of his self-serving apologies (at first only including BC citizens whom he had embarassed, not the Maui citizens he had actually endangered) which were illustrative of his real regret: being caught, not having endangered people.
  • Peter MacKay's love life, judgement, awareness of others' feelings, and even ability to "control his woman" (Conservative Party of Canada leadership rivalBelinda Stronach) in the wake of her joining the Liberal Party of Canada and departing the Conservatives.
    • Stronach was also subject of trollfesting by known trolls, notably the Conservative caucus, with such words as "opportunist", "traitor" and "whore" being used to describe her on national television. These comments are in tone for a party that also uses the terms "baby-killer" and unlimited references to theft, fraud, and other crimes when describing its opponents. This may have been part of Stronach's issue with the Conservatives.
  • the mere existence of Ralph Klein, which seems to provide endless opportunities to describe his behaviour