troll bard

A troll bard refers to a former or current Lowest Troll, almost always an anonymous troll, but sometimes a trollherd who decides to openly promote troll culture.

What makes them a bard is their ability to grow human capital for their faction. Specifically, their capacity to recruit new trolls and gain respect for their New Troll point of view (NPOV) even among the old trolls. Skills involved are:

Any world trolling anarchization employs such bards and does not try to control, but rather controll, them.

A pair of troll bards is referred to as a patroll and are expected to engage in rhetorical dialog with each other to educate bystanders - see byplay. Three troll bards are a trollio and are expected to form a stable tensegrity - for instance, a Management Committee.

More than three troll bards in one place is entertaining, but, don't expect them to agree on anything except having fun. See groupthink. Only a troll druid can apply consensus decision making to such a raucous group.