1996 - Endocrine -Disrupting Chemicals(Health)

a- Whereas exposure in the womb to endocrine-disrupting chemicals can
undermine neurological and behavioral development; and
b- Whereas these chemicals have similar effects on fish, amphibians,
reptiles, and birds - in the egg; and
c- Whereas this damage to humans and wild life is expressed as
behaviourial and physical abnormalities; and
d- Whereas this damage results in reduced intellectual capacity and social
adaptability, such as impaired responsive ness to environmental
demands; and
e- Whereas widespread loss of this in nature can change the character of
human societies or destabilize wildlife populations; and
f- Whereas human-made chemicals which interfere with sex hormones
have the potential to disturb normal brain sexual development; and
g- Whereas wildlife studies of gulls, terns, fishes, whales, porpoises,
alligators and turtles link environmental contaminants with disturbances in
sex hormone production and/or action; and
h- Whereas these effects have been associated with exposure to sewage
and industrial effluents, pesticides, ambient ocean and freshwater
contamination to the aquatic food web; and
i- Whereas compounds shown to have endocrine effects include dioxins,
PCBs, phenolics, phanthalates, and many pesticides; and
j- Whereas this group of compounds may include any compounds
mimicking or antagonizing actions of, or altering levels of,
neurotransmitters, hormones, and growth factors in the developing brain;
k- Whereas every pregnant woman in the world has endocrine disruptors
in her body that are transferred to the foetus; and
l- Whereas breast milk also carries measurable concentrations of
endocrine disruptors;
A- Resolved that a Green Party government end Canadian participation in
the federal and international trade of endocrine disrupting chemicals,
especially where they are sold to, or produced and used in, third-world
countries that lack the resources or technology to properly monitor and
control exposure levels;
B- Further resolved that a Green Party government fund research to
examine diverse wildlife species at all levels of biological organization in
order to better understand and eliminate chemical endocrine disruption at
the molecular, cellular, individual, population, and ecosystem levels;
C- Further resolved that a Green Party government introduce labelling
legislation that requires manufacturers to release the names of all
chemicals used in their products and their potential as develop mental
health hazards;
D- Further resolved that a Green Party government require mandatory
permanent liability insurance of those producing and developing new
synthetic chemical products;
E- Further resolved that a Green Party government require more stringent
safety standards for new chemicals to assure product safety beyond a
reasonable doubt;
F- Further resolved that a Green Party government educate family
physicians and other health practitioners and administrators on the
possible occupational and environmental hazards which synthetic
chemical agents play in underlying or constituting risk factors for "primary"
human diseases;
G- Further resolved that a Green Party government require adequate
medical school training for physicians on the often latent affects of
pollutants on human development and health;
H- Further resolved that a Green Party government establish a
coordinated speakers bureau and on-line systems such as a site on the
World Wide Web for endocrine-disruptors.