Page names including the term "on" - a preposition - are controlled by naming conventions based on living ontology.

No spatial metaphor can be invoked using the term:on, while "on this page" or "on topic" are acceptable, the American English usage "on the street" should be avoided in favour of term:at or term:in.

While temporal metaphor is acceptable, e.g. "on Tuesday", the as of convention is preferred for reporting and the by convention for commitments.

Since a switch metaphor is strongly implied by the use of on, only situations with constrained on/off choices should ever be stated as being on anything. For example, since we would not say "off Tuesday" we should not say "on Tuesday".

Controversial use of on should usually be removed from an issue statement if anyone objects to it, though not from a position: objections of any kind to a position belong in an argument against.