The term: namespace is for hopelessly biased terms, using which is dangerous and error-prone, or propaganda or at least so strongly endorses one ontological metaphor or point of view that to use it at all, makes it not possible to frame a widely accepted and undisputed issue statement using those terms within it.

It also lists a few that should be very closely controlled and not used except in their specified sense.


The following are deprecated:

political propaganda to make one's opponents seem wrong on specific issues:

insidious euphemisms:


Some terms focus narrowly on economic issues but are no less political for that, maybe more so for trying to hide their political implications:


Others commonly abused to frame issues by m/any side/s in a debate to make the other side wrong...


...or make one's own side seem correct:


Some are just operationally insensible, so inherently relative as to be useless, or impossible to objectively define except case by case:


Others have been rendered obsolete by shifts in technology, which make some capabilities obvious or ubiquitous:


Some are just sloppy and ambiguous:


Finally, some prepositions very clearly bias perception and need to be closely controlled (but not avoided):

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