taser use

Taser Use

Tasers were introduced in the 1980's as a weapon that uses an electric shock to subdue its targets. Military and police forces around the world have been adopting tasers and other less-lethal weapons for use in conflict and policing situations. While intended to be "non-lethal", the term "less-lethal" is being used more frequently when referring to weapons such as tasers because many experts feel that no device meant to subdue a person can be completely safe. The less-lethal category also includes devices such as pepper spray, tear gas, and batons.

Taser use became a public controversy in Canada. On October 14, 2007 RCMP officers at the Vancouver International Airport tasered Robert Dziekański, a Polish citizen, who had a temper tantrum at the airport after being stranded there for 10 hours. Dziekański, who did not physically resist was tasered at least twice and died shortly thereafter. The incident was caught on video by a bystander.


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