talk:open politics itself

As of 2005-12 102 pages are linked to open politics itself. This is a good starting point to re-examine what open politics is claimed to be and what it might have to choose not to try to be. No doubt that number will go down, since 102 concepts is a bit too many to be central to open politics itself as a concept. A shorter list like open politics in force could evolve, but, definitely do not force anything:

First, a list of all those pages and issue/position/argument about how related they are to open politics itself needs to be created. Can this be done automatically? What function fills up the list?

Second, some agreement should be made to trim certain peripheral issues that are about openpolitics.ca itself but not about the process of open politics, and broaden some issues to be about politics itself not just this breed of it. It may become a problem of categories, but if so, get this category right before trying to define other categories, else point of view problems are sure to develop in longer term.

Third, the contentious issues that are seen as being part of open politics by one faction but not by some other faction, need to be identified and there needs to be argument about that. Perhaps the link to open politics itself can move to the talk page of that concept while it is being debated so people who care to check the list of pages linked to open politics itself can easily find all active debates (they will be the links to this page from talk:namespace and OP_talk:namespace).

That process will take months and probably it is a good time to visit this now during the Canadian federal election, 2006, when many practical problems are at their height.