sustainable development

The term "sustainable development" is in common use to mean many things, but when honestly used, it implies natural capital recognition and high pricing to conserve energy and materials, a green tax shift to reward this conservation and activities that are creative and labour-intensive, and some direct attention to well-being and human capital attraction, to keep regional economies alive.

A generic definition under the GNU Free Documentation License, useful for quoting or citing or including anywhere, and especially useful to refer journalists to when they seek an "objective" definition: en: wikipedia: sustainable development

The Bloc Quebecois uses this term as a keystone of its economic platform for Quebec - however they stand paradoxically for corporate welfare for high energy using businesses like aerospace. The Green Party of Canada uses this term to mean specifically the green tax shift, full cost accounting so natural capital is highly valued, and individual well-being measures and industry best practices like ISO 14001 and ISO 19011 to create predictable, auditable, transparent firms that can be trusted to actually do what their own policies and procedures say they do, and move gradually away from any activity that would be described as unhealthy.