survey centre

The Survey Centre

Contributing Developers:
Simon Wigzell

Overall needs assesment:

Possible uses for survey/quiz/referendum/application tool

  • Quizzing the public about policy issues.
  • Creating a "political personality quiz" (want to use fancy graphics?)
  • An expanded version of Rank-a-Plank
  • voting in large groups/committees (login access)
  • processing job applications (form filling)
  • determining the popularity of differnt positions in platform development (IPA)
  • tests for training purposes (login access)

Types of Questions (Inputs)

  • multiple choice pick one.
  • multiple choice pick many (not done yet, I will implement when needed)
  • Rank a list (not done yet, I will implement when needed)
  • choose a vector (No one is sure what this means!)
  • qualitative response (typed answer)

Visible appearance:

  • sliders (linear)
  • knobs (linear)
  • switches (binary, multiple position)
  • 2D idea space (planar, maps onto images)

These are all beyond the capabilities of the current generated surveys. If anyone has seen sliders, knobs and switches working in a webpage other than a java program, please let me know!


Runs out of a wiki page, or generally as a frame or popup.