style manual

Open Politics' Manual of style

This page is designed to guide you in formatting and organizing content you edit and create for openpolitics.ca itself; You will also want to:

General editing guidelines

  • be concise, issue statements should be no longer than 250 words.
  • To accomadate multiple points of view, almost all pages should follow the IPA (issue/postion/argument) structure. See Below for a breif overview. Please learn how to work in an IPA structure if you don't know already.
    • the first paragraph should include the page name in bold, and declare the scope of the page, for instance, the definition of the concept (on an info page) or the issue statement
    • if there is a need to disambiguate the concept or issue from another, do that as early as possible
  • List related issues immediately following the issue statement.
    • use links sparingly in the body of the page:
      • Example: AIDS, and its likely cause, HIV, are characterized by their destruction of the human immune system which can lead to severe health problems. (at most three per sentence).
    • don't link to the same page more than once in the body of the page
    • link liberally in the related issues section including repeating links provided elsewhere on the page.
  • Avoid using HTML
  • Avoid derogatory remarks (see terms of use)
  • Make sure you are using the appropriate point of view, for example a neutral point of view for issue statements or background information
  • Make proper use of headings to create collapsible sections:
    • !page title (above issue statement)
    • !!subheadings and !!-collapsed subheadings (to avoid overlong pages)
    • !!-sub-issue subheadings ** **~np~ !!!-position titles or other sub-subheadings (usually collapsed)
  • Use edit comments Include a brief explanation of an edit you make in the Reason for edit box just below the editing box.
  • Use proper naming conventions when creating new pages.
  • Do not object or become frustrated when others correct any of the above - this is central to wiki etiquette

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