strong ontology

The strong ontology assumed in the military-industrial complex seems to be a conceit of philosophy and technology used in combination to suppress non-European non-"white" non-Christian non-male non-corporatist non-objectivist views. Globally, most people see a strong ontology, e.g. corporate globalization based on "free trade" or Bretton Woods, to be a form of bullying as opposed to any product of critical thought. The H-bomb is often stated to be the culmination of a strong ontology in which physics and the power to predict is seen as of more value than politics and the power to choose.

An upper ontology that is also a strong ontology is assumed in all eight of the forms of political philosophy that were understood prior to postmodern politics. That is, they all emphasize a form of prediction over all forms of choice, and trust that prediction methodology above all conceivable choices. For instance Mutual Assured Destruction relies on an assumed mutual prediction of disaster to avoid any choice that may lead, even inadvertently, to it.

By contrast only a weak ontology is assumed in feminist, anarchist, pacifist and trollish thought. It is expressed in such abstractions as the chaordic twelve levers and the living ontology. This is subject to constant change based on choice and input from trolls.