status quo mindset

The status quo mindset of a particular region at a given point in time is a snapshot of the systemic bias or naive ontology that the unthinking majority applies. If they are willing to vote in accord with this bias, they are insisting on it as upper ontology and may become a power network by such common support.

The prefix status quo is chosen to reflect the power network that is actually holding power, i.e. central bank policy, ownership, political party governance.

A mindset can include any number of concepts but will almost always include assumptions about commit verbs, command language, all human command verbs, who's we and who must defer to whom. Of all such mindsets the simple and most brutal is a single command hierarchy which expresses simple faith in a God's Eye view and a certainty in the power of its own ignorance, i.e. faith in stupidity itself. With this a theocracy or totalitarian state is possible.