start UHF TV station

"The Green Party would ... re-allocate unused bandwith in the UHF spectrum for digital wireless technology. " http://greenparty.on.ca/memberzone/tiki-index.php?page=Media%20and%20Communications This would shift broadcast spectrum into wireless spectrum or public spectrum.

In answer to the Writers Guild of Canada Questions 2004 during the Canadian federal election, 2004, Craig Hubley claimed that the Green Party of Canada would make it substantially easier to start UHF TV stations. A micro-TV station of low wattage serving only a single community or neighbourhood would normally require no CRTC process at all - simply the equipment to get going.

The justification for this claim is simple: once allocated in wireless spectrum, the content is unregulated. Both digital and analog signals can move through it. Unless digital signals are actually interfered with, which is rare considering the robustness of most modern digital signal infrastructure, the UHF stations "interference" will be unnoticed and thus unharassed:

There will be no basis for any complaint to the CRTC about analog traffic, as the actual UHF signals in the unregulated band will no longer be subject to any particular official decoding scheme - accordingly, such signals are just "noise" from the CRTC's perspective, regardless of what they might be interpreted as on an "obsolete" VHF and UHF TV set.