"I will edit anything anywhere I want to and make you look at what I want you to" is the spam brand ethic. It is total disregard of any attempt to scope pages for usefulness, respect terms of use or anything else we, the Living Platform users may require. It is the worst form of wiki vandalism and is actually genuine vandalism in the sense of generating senseless page history that does not even track human reactions to page.

A theory of link ethics must deal explicitly with spam as the administrator guidelines of LivingPlatform.CA itself. Any theory which does not make spam the very lowest form of page edit, or tied with genuine insert-error vandalism is wrong by definition.

Some wiki spam has already begun to appear on pages. The senior editor guidelines of openpolitics.ca itself permit a senior editor to delete versions only for the purpose of removing all record of spam in the page history. The use of rollback is also recommended only for this particularly noxious form of vandalism.