space exploration

Space exploration is the physical exploration of outer-Earth objects. In Canada, space exploration is conducted by the Canadian Space Agency (which is funded by the Canadian Government), working closely with NASA. There is also a large aerospace industry in Canada, which most famously produced the Canadarm, a remote control arm that is used on the space shuttle.

Issues stemming from space exploration:

Militarization of space
Commercialization of space
Economics of space exploration
Politics of space exploration
Environmental issues related to space exploration

Position: Stop government funding of space exploration

Arguments for:

  • The space program is frivolous and takes up funds that should be used to fund education, healthcare and other social programs.

Arguments against:

  • The money invested in the space program helps grow Canada's aerospace sector, thereby helping the economy and creating high tech jobs.
  • It is human nature to want to explore, we should not limit our boundaries.
  • By such an argument, art galleries could also be deemed frivolous. Should the government stop funding them too?