social network

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"A social network is a group of people who are generally available to each other for advice, services and other tangible benefits. It is larger and more committed than a contact network and smaller than a power network - which is typically constructed of many social networks." A political party is an example.

Social capital exists "when members of a social network are willing to help each other." They may formally "agree to a social contract, like a constitution for a country. Many experts in social science believe that smaller groups with their own social contracts do far better than nations with constitutions and other huge groups, even if the rules are almost the same." There are however other reasons for this:

"Haldane's principle in biology says that larger organisms get more complex just because they are large, and so get less reliable and more vulnerable. This is the opposite of an economy of scale which leads globalization ideals."

A social network is most obvious during disaster recovery. At that time people often come forward to help each other." -GFDL Simple Englisharticle social network