simultaneous policy wiki

A simultaneous policy wiki is a wiki that enables some simultaneous policy concerns to be worked out using some common structures for open politics argument like TIPAESA and consensus decision making. Such a wiki is an example of an open politics service.

Success requires at least the following prerequisites:

Two good but limited examples are openpolitics.ca itself's list of all citizen initiatives, and the dkosopedia.com's effort to make a list of concerns to be addressed everywhere in the United States at once at all levels of government.

The original Living Platform itself attempted to achieve simultaneity in policy for one time horizon - the next Canadian federal election - within a diverse and bilingual country. The Green Party of Canada Living Platform attempted - but failed - to do that in a limited partisan setting. Many complex tendency, faction and translation problems have already been addressed since these failures. Accordingly, even these failures may be a good proof of concept that such poilcy can be worked out in an online forum.

Some Greens believe that simpol.org and Global Greens should employ such a wiki. Advocates of this approach include the Civic Efficiency Group and GPC Leader Jim Harris. Probably it would use mediawiki and would attempt to influence the GFDL corpus namespace.