securities reform

The financial industry aside from banking has undergone significant change in Canada with the rise of online trading, e-commerce, and incubators and income trusts with complex structures, some of which exploit tax havens especially in the Caribbean.

during election NDP position Liberal position Green position Conservative position
Canadian federal election, 2006 - in context with other issues no change promised treat income trusts and dividends equivalently for income no change promised no change: provincial jurisdiction
Canadian federal election, 2004 - in context with other issues stricter environmental and social value reporting for private sector; capacity for unions to direct their own pension funds; federal securities regulation no change Federal securities regulation standards binding provinces to minimum standards - GAAP - moving to ISO 19011; Initiate G8-wide review of intangibles reporting and UN review of natural capital as part of very rigorous environmental and social value reporting for the monetary system and extend this to the private sector starting with energy and commodities; unions able to direct pension funds by specifying ethical requirements for investments; Canada Pension Plan investment in well-balanced ethical funds that invest in conservation businesses. no change: provincial jurisdiction